Giancarlo Gabbrielli was born in Florence, Italy and resides in Canada. He is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and writer whose essays have been published in newspapers and by the Leonardo Da Vinci Society. He studied in Pisa and after completing the military service with a tour of duty in Italy and the United States, he emigrated to Canada.
He has published short stories in Italian and in English and has contributed socio-political editorials to Italo-Canadian newspapers. With “The Lanzis I, A family chronicle”, the author started a passionate historical saga which continues with the present “I Lanzis II, the age of consciousness”. The “Lanzis III, dreams and illusions” has already been published in Italian. His forth book “Love Notes” which is not part of the saga, has also been published in Italian
The author can be reached by e-mail at: giancarlo3719@mail.com

The Lanzis

Book Note


Sulla Riva Destra Dell'Arno




The Girl with The Yellow Dress